Welcome to laboratory of Amit Pandey at University of Bern
Welcome to laboratory of Amit Pandey at University of Bern

Miletta MC, Eblé A, Janner M, Parween S, Pandey AV, Flück CE, Mullis PE. IGHD II: A Novel GH-1 Gene Mutation (GH-L76P) Severely Affects GH Folding, Stability, and Secretion. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Dec;100(12):E1575-83.

On Cover Page December 2015

Pandey, AV. Bioinformatics tools and databases for the study of human growth hormone. Endocrine Dev.  23: 71-85 (2012)

On the cover: GHR-GH complex

Fluck CE & Pandey, AV. Clinical and biochemical consequences of P450 oxidoreductase deficiency. Endocr. Dev 20:63-79 (2011)


On cover P450, b5

Fluck CE, Pandey AV, Huang N, Agrawal V, Miller WL. P450 oxidoreductase deficiency - a new form of congenital adrenal hyperplacia. Endocr Dev, 13: 67-81 (2008).

On the cover: POR

Pandey, AV and Miller, WL. Regulation of 17,20 lyase activity by cytochrome b5 and by serine phosphorylation of P450c17. J. Biol Chem. 280: 13265-13271 (2005)


April 08, 2005 Cover Page.

Pandey, AV and Chauhan, VS Heme polymerisation by malarial parasite : A potential target for antimalarial drug development. Current Sc. 75:911-918 (1998).


Role of Human P450 Oxidoreductase in steroid metabolism


PD Dr. Amit V Pandey
Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism,

KIKL C837, Inselspital

University Children's Hospital Bern,

Freiburgstrasse 15, 3010 Bern


Tel: +41 31 632 9637 (Office)

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